here are a few things i’ve written over the years…


before and after

the christ


first hand experience

the fucking poem




last day of her life

a love story

pierre is gone


unexpected places

*really* personal essays

On Being Paddled Properly (this essay has some very adult themes, so if you know me, but there are things you don’t think you want to know about me, i wouldn’t read this if i were you. this essay is about 99% true. i’ve only recently added the 1% untruth because i had planned to submit it to an erotic short story contest, and i thought the minor change i made would make a positive difference. however, the stories needed to be a minimum of 1500 words, and this only has about 1100. i don’t think adding 400 words is going to make the story any better, so i’m just going to leave it as is, including the minor change, and take a chance on posting it here.)


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