the list

this is a random list of things i love. i first thought about doing a whole bunch of little lists, like of my top 5 favorite songs of all-time, or favorite movies, etc., the usual stuff. doing that seems kind of limiting, though. i think i really prefer the idea of letting a list slowly build, kinda organically, of people and places and things and concepts that really get to me. so instead of starting off with this whole long ass list, i’m starting out with two items, and will just add stuff as it comes to me. ideally, this list will go on to infinity, because there is a lot to love in this world. sometimes you just have to be the first to make the effort.

1. the song ‘use me’ by bill withers. it is the perfect song: good rhythm, catchy lyrics, and a bit of irony at the end. i will never tire of this song.

2. the short story ‘revelation’ by haven kimmel, featured in the anthology killing the buddha: a heretic’s bible, edited by peter mansell and jeff sharlet. see this post for what i’ve previously written about it.

3. erykah badu. pretty much anything she has ever done. my respect for her went to a new level when i found out that she did a show at the chapel of sacred mirrors a couple of years ago.  this video is one of many examples of her incredible-ness. (yeah i might have just made that word up.)

4. bull durham is the absolute best baseball movie of all time. kevin costner is at his hottest, and the dialogue, especially between the players on the field, and even in the players’ heads, is brilliant. it’s not an intellectually stimulating film, to be sure, but for what it is, something of a romantic comedy, i think it’s at the top of its genre. and the sex scene with costner and susan sarandon… um, nice… 🙂 anyway, the movie also reminds me of the love i had growing up for the game of baseball. it was my religion at one time, not to the extent that it was with sarandon’s character, but my life kinda revolved around baseball season for a number of years. this movie reminds me why.

discussing america's favorite pastime...


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