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zaadz qar: you’ve got one month of complete freedom. what do you do?

i’d get my butt over to europe, first spending several days in istanbul and konya, rumi’s birth place (which i know is not in europe). then i’d go up and spend a few days in venice, then a few days at the italian intentional community damanhur, and finish off in amsterdam, taking part in all that amsterdam has to offer.

this post is my response to zaadz’s questions and reflections for june 7, 2007.


zaadz qar: who has been the most significant person in your life so far?

wow, this is a very hard question to attempt to answer. to some degree, many of the ‘key players’ in my life would qualify as the answer to this question. there are persons who have taught me how to love; how to fight; who have acted as a foil to my personality, which in turn gave me a stronger sense of self; who have served as examples of how i don’t want to be or what i don’t want in my life; who have made me aware of my shadow side; who have given me new ways of looking at the world.

i guess out of all that, well, i kinda hate to do this, but my answer at this point in my life is a person that i have never met and probably never will meet. at the risk of sounding like some blind follower of a cult leader, or a groupie, ken wilber and his integral theories have been a huge influence in my life over the last few years. his books and other writings have given me the tools to be able to understand a little better where my loved ones and strangers alike are coming from, as well as the tools to get a better grasp on so-called reality and ways that i can experience the ultimate reality on a moment by moment basis. because of his work, it’s easier for me to love and to fight and to understand that this thing called my personality is all just an act. to use a cliche, i am truly not the same person now as i was before i was exposed to and began to understand his writings.

this does mean that the influence of others in my life who i am close to and actually have interactions with is any less. i can’t imagine my life right now without knowing the love of my family and friends; my experience of life would be so much less with the absence of even one of these people.

also, i like that the question ended with ‘so far’, because this leaves the answer to this question open to future influences that could be far greater… 🙂

this post is my response to zaadz’s questions and reflections for june 3, 2007.

zaadz qar: pick a word of the day. tell us about it.

GRAVITY – this morning as i was waiting for the bus, i realized that there was absolutely nothing between me and the sky, and then i was amazed at how gravity works and how it’s perfect for us here on this planet, how it’s just enough so we don’t have to be tethered down and yet we can move about relatively freely, and it’s just incredible and how perfect this is and how perfect life is, even though at times it doesn’t look so good. um, yeah, gravity… 🙂

this post is my response to zaadz’s questions and reflections for may 29, 2007.

glw qar: what’s my problem?

it’s only 9:46 in the morning and i already need a drink. do you think i have a problem? and if so, what might that problem be?

an important reminder

thanks to john @ zaadz for this post from a few days ago. in the zaadz question and reflection from may 3, 2007, he answers the question ‘if you could send a message to the whole world, what would you say?’ with

just make love, right now. stop whatever you’re doing, and make love.

what an inspired answer. it so reminds me of the concepts in jalaja bonheim’s the hunger for ecstasy, where she encourages the reader to go through life, making love with life, and ultimately with god. sometimes i forget, but then i read something like this particular blog posting, and i am reminded, ‘ah, this is what i’m here for.’ and so, even though i have a headache today, i have something else i need to do right now. (get your mind out of the gutter, seriously.)

zaadz qar: pause for a moment, and write a haiku about what’s around you.

surrounded by noise
silence begs to be noticed
but is shouted down

(um, yeah, i’m cheating because this is actually the one and only haiku i’ve ever written, and that was a number of years ago… i’m home from work today with a headache and everything is sooo loud, so i feel this is somewhat appropriate.)

this post is my response to zaadz’s questions and reflections for may 9, 2007.

zaadz qar: if you could design a religion, what would it look like?

i’m going to borrow from one of my favorite musicians, ziggy marley, and his song, ‘love is my religion’. if this were really true of everyone, the word ‘religion’ wouldn’t have the bad rap that it currently has.

this is my post in response to zaadz’s questions and reflections for may 8, 2007. also, check out this answer to that question, and my response. it worries me that people who consider themselves so spiritual and godly still have these backwards views about gays and lesbians. i guess i should remember that this person is obviously blue/orange (according to spiral dynamics), and react accordingly. still, it’s frustrating and sad and scary.