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i can see kansas from my house

i don’t know why i chose that particular title, other than i loved tina fey’s sarah palin impersonation from last weekend’s snl season premiere, and it reminds me of my own diplomatic dealings with my neighboring state of kansas. 🙂

uh, anyway, yesterday morning i went to court for the last time regarding the sgc. it’s officially over, at least the legal portion. the case was dropped due to non-service (the fact that they didn’t take the time to serve his pathetic ass). i felt a sense of relief that i don’t have to keep going back to court, taking time out of my work day, and yet, when the clerk told me that the case had been dropped, for a brief moment i felt like bursting into tears. however, the fact is that we haven’t had any contact for weeks. i suspect the security guard in my building told him about the ex parte, which may be one reason why he has kept a low profile. and my psychic told me a few weeks back that he isn’t done with messing with me, that he’s just laying low because he knows he’ll get in trouble if he doesn’t. so, i don’t know what to think. the best case scenario is that we have no contact whatsoever between now and the time of my move. i can hope so. however, oddly i have been having dreams with him running around in them over the last few weeks, including dreams where the two of us are getting along well and having sex. i know this doesn’t mean that we will get along or ever have sex again or even have a civil conversation again, but i do wonder what it does mean. i don’t want to restart anything with him after everything i’ve gone through. however, i do wonder what my dreams are trying to say here. time will tell. i just pray that whatever thoughts i’m having of him are only in my dreams at this point.


going to hell in a bucket, regardless…

this is one of the few times over the past couple of years that i’ve wished i had a television. i have no intention of voting for anyone, but still have quite an interest in the political conventions. i know i can watch clips of the different speeches online, but it’s not the same. i want to watch mrs. clinton talk live about john mccain is her friend and colleague, but who will ‘rape your grandmother and sell your first-born son into slavery and put arsenic directly in our drinking water’ if he gets into the white house. of course, such rhetoric will probably also be commonplace next week in st. paul, when we get to hear about obama bringing his muslim family over from kenya to have the run of the newly renamed black house.

okay, so i exaggerate a bit, on both sides. however, honestly, at this point, it seems to me it’s just the two sides trying to convince us that the opposing side is taking america to hell in a handbasket. and, at this point, i believe each side is right. things will keep going the way they are going, no matter who wins the general election this fall. nothing is going to change, and we shouldn’t even be relying on a new person occupying the white house to determine what that change might be, in the first place. without some major shift in consciousness, we are going to hell in a bucket. to paraphrase from a grateful dead song, i hope we’re enjoying the ride while we can.

oh damn, where did this come from?

rev. michael pfleger, the catholic priest who last week mocked democratic runner-up hillary clinton, was officially suspended for two weeks by the parish he serves in south chicago. i’m kinda surprised by this, because he has said plenty of controversial things before. it’s just that this time he has brought negative national attention not only once again on trinity, barack obama’s *old* church, but this time on his home church as well. and of course he thinks he’s being wrongfully suspended. well, ‘boo hoo hooooo….’ i mean, i don’t exactly disagree with what he said, but at the same time, he had to see this coming.

and congratulations to obama, on securing the number of delegates he needed to get the democratic presidential nomination. whatever you may think about him, you have to be impressed with the fact that, almost out of nowhere, he triumphed over america’s most prominent (and crooked) political family.

a new long national nightmare

i love the title of this article at the, ‘obama, clinton, mccain join forces to form nightmare ticket’, because if we think things are bad as they currently stand, imagine the three of them united. it would truly be the beginning of a new long national nightmare.

pfleger tells the truth

other than the rev. michael pfleger mentioning hillary clinton’s race in this entertaining tirade, he’s not far off. most people do have the (correct) feeling that she was the presumptive democratic nominee until obama stepped up to the plate.

help wanted: leader of the free world; pays $5.85 an hour plus bennies

this comes from last night’s youtube debate (courtesy of

When was the last time a presidential candidate was forced to promise to work at minimum wage? That is effectively what happened when a voter asked whether the candidates would serve four years at $5.85 an hour rather than the president’s annual $400,000 salary.

“Sure,” replied [Senator Hilary] Clinton.

would you vote for someone who was willing to sell herself so short just to get a few votes?

seriously, this woman went to yale law school, after which she worked more than 15 years as an attorney in a chicago law firm, mixed in with spending a number of years embroiled in arkansas politics, spent eight years as first lady to one of the most popular presidents ever, after which she managed to finagle herself into being elected as the junior senator from the great state of new york. and she’s willing to work as the leader of the greatest country in the world for a mere $5.85 an hour. she is either truly the biggest bullshitter in the world or a damn fool.

the fact is that nobody should have to work for $5.85 an hour, but then again, no one has to (especially if you are a yale law school graduate). it’s just a matter of priorities. yes, sometimes we make choices where momentarily we may have to take a lower wage job to keep a roof over our heads, but there are things we can do to increase that wage. we can go to night school; work towards getting promoted; if things aren’t going well at our current job, we can look for and get another job. as individuals, we don’t have to wait around for the government to decide to tell our employer the least they can get away with paying us. here in america, with education and hard work, we can have some control over our incomes.

yet, there are people who believe that politicians have just that responsibility, to tell employers just how much they should get paid. check out this video:

she might as well just give it up and go on welfare if she’s expecting a raise in the minimum wage to raise her baby girl. or maybe someone should have told her that for a couple of hours of work at minimum wage, she could have bought herself a box of condoms and saved herself and her baby girl a lifetime of grief and hardship.

it is my belief that minimum wage should just be abolished, and that employers should be allowed to pay people what they want and/or can afford. it absolutely is not the government’s place to tell a private employer what they should pay their employees. sure, without a governmentally imposed minimum, the pay is gonna be shitty in some situations, but, more often, the employer is going to pay what he or she needs to pay to get the best people, which most likely is going to be far above the current minimum wage. supporters of a minimum/living wage conveniently forget that it was primarily designed for entry level jobs for teenagers (most of whom wouldn’t even work for minimum wage). i am so amused when i’ve heard reporters say over the past couple of days that minimum wage workers have just gotten their first raise in ten years. i’m like, damn, if you were working for $5.15 ten years ago and are just now getting a raise, you’ve got much more serious problems than just low income.

at any rate, i would not want a president willing to work for minimum wage. if she does get elected (which seems likely), i hope we remember that she said this, and that obviously while it’s not going to happen, we will get what we are willing to pay for.

she stole my headline!

camille paglia’s post on is pretty awesome, touching on several points i have (and haven’t, such as ann coulter’s opening mouth, inserting foot again, and the whole anna nicole debacle) over the past week. however, she stole my headline regarding obama and hillary. (i actually find that to be kinda cool… 🙂