what’s new at trailside? me!

the other day i wrote this whole long ass post on my ipod touch about my new job at trailside café and bike shop in rocheport, missouri, and of course due to some techno-snafu, the post is now inaccessible and lost forever. but yes, i’m currently working at a bike shop, and liking it. not loving it, mind you, although i do love being outside and getting to talk with folks and work with several of my family members. the job will end in october, and if i haven’t found anything by then (as in a library job), i plan to load up the blazer and head to nola. (of course that plan could change, but it seems as feasible as anything else at the moment.)

anyway, as i was saying, i do love being outdoors. one of the perks of being at trailside is that when it’s slow, i have the opportunity to go for bike rides on the gorgeous katy trail. the really cool thing is that trailside is located at some of the most beautiful scenery to be seen along the entire 200+ mile trail. and there are moments when i’m riding along that i feel like i’m in the middle of some luscious 3-d landscape photograph, especially when there’s no one else around. i’ve posted here a few photos taken during a ride i took last week.


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