introducing carolina chocolate drops

i didn’t realize it, but i’ve been listening to at least one of their songs (a cover of ‘hit ’em up style’) most days at the b&n.  i would listen and think, who the hell is this bluegrass group tryin’ to cover a not very good r&b/hip hop song? and yeah, i still kinda feel that way about it, but hearing some other tracks from the cd, including this song in the video, ‘snowden’s jig’, has caused me to fall in serious like with this band. unbeknownst to me, carolina chocolate drops have been around a few years, but the music they are playing has been around much longer than that. i’m happy to see that they are looking through the negative racial connotations some might say this genre of music represents, and going back to all of our roots, and hopefully exposing this style of music to people who would otherwise not even bother.


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