happy august

yeah, um, i know it’s been several months since i’ve been here. but hey, i’ve been somewhat distracted. this is just a brief update to let you know that i’m still alive and typing.

i’m still in kc, for the time being, although i’m planning to move back to columbia sometime in the next few months. i’ve made an executive decision and this time it will stick (fingers crossed). i’m currently studying for the gre, with the intention of beginning library school at mizzou this coming january. i’ve toyed with the idea of staying here and working full time while going to school part-time. however, i’ve decided that it would be best for me to go full-time and blast through it in three semesters or so. this way i’m not dragging it out for years and can move on with my life, which i still would like to include coursework from the california institute of integral studies. but first things first.

actually, i should already be packing to move to columbia. about three weeks ago, i turned in a letter of resignation at the library, with the full intention of moving to columbia at the end of this month. however, you know what they say about the best laid plans… while visiting my sister, i got up in the middle of the night to pee and didn’t turn on the hall light to go down the stairs. i was watching where i was going, as i didn’t want to step on any kittens, but the last two steps blended into one in the dark, and BLAM! – i was on my ass with a busted foot. it turned out to be a hairline fracture, coupled with a sprain, and as a result, i’ve been somewhat gimpy over the last couple of weeks. however, it is getting better and this week i’ve been walking without my attractive star wars storm trooper boot. i’m hoping the limping will be over by this time next week. anyway…. because of this accident, and the fact that i currently have really good health insurance, i’ve decided to stay around a little while longer. the fact is that i really do like my job at kcpl, a lot, but it’s the main thing keeping me in kc these days. i fell for a reason, and i’m sure i’ll find out what that reason is, but, while it has delayed my plans somewhat, at this point i still plan to go hang out in columbia for a couple of years.


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