Monthly Archives: April 2009

think universally, act locally

the library i work in is currently hosting a group of tibetan monks from an indian monastery touring the united states. they are constructing a sand painting madala in our main lobby, which will be deconstructed this coming weekend. the picture on top is from monday, and the bottom one is from late tuesday afternoon. (unfortunately i forgot my camera today so will not be taking any more pictures until tomorrow.)

yesterday i was having a conversation with someone about the symbology of the mandala and how it represents the macrocosm as well as the microcosm of the universe. basically, it contains everything. a little later on, i went upstairs to watch the process for a few minutes, and a woman walked up next to me to observe what was going on, then pronounced ‘wow, that’s beautiful!’ and turned around and walked off. it then hit me that it is beautiful, life and universe and all that is within it. maybe it’s easier to see that looking from the outside as a so-called observer, but, at that moment i was reminded that life is beautiful, even from within with all the daily crappity crap crap crap that makes its way across our paths. i went back downstairs to my desk job and went back to work, knowing that it’s all included and it’s all good.