Monthly Archives: February 2009

mcnugget or mcmuffin?

yesterday, while discussing the inexplicable story about the woman who recently had octuplets, a question about in vitro fertilization arose, which tangentally morphed into the question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? so i actually asked this question of people, and got the predictable responses (‘well, if according to the bible, god created all the animals on the same day, it must mean the chicken was first, duh…’). i did get one original response: ‘who came first, jesus or the christ?’, but for the most part, the chicken won out. i didn’t really have my own answer at first, because it wasn’t anything i had seriously thought about. but then it occurred to me that if everything that has ever existed arose at the moment of the big bang, i had my answer right there: they both arose simultaneously. and just now i am reminded of the quote by harry emerson fosdick: ‘i would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.’

so there you have the answer. 🙂


bah humbug

today is one of those days when i feel like quite the freak. yesterday of course was super bowl sunday and everyone and their dog watched the game but me. i have a friend who in the past would see how long he could go without hearing who won the game and he was usually able to last until he went into work the following monday morning. this year i thought i would attempt to see how long i could go; of course i didn’t make it past 10 o’clock last night before finding out the steelers had won their sixth world championship.

and even if i had, once i got to work this morning i would have found out because of course my coworkers were discussing it. i didn’t watch or listen to the game, so i didn’t know a whole lot other than the steelers won, but after coming into work today, i guess i didn’t need to watch. i learned that it was one of the best games in super bowl history that included a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown. (and i wasn’t in the conversation, mind you, i just overheard other conversations.) i found myself amused just now, when my supervisor came in and was asked if she watched the game. she was apparently among one of the five other people (myself included) who didn’t, so my coworkers went on to tell her blow-by-blow about the game and the commercials. and i thought, it seems obvious to me that if she wasn’t interested enough to watch the game, she really wouldn’t care so much about the details of the game.

maybe i’m just speaking for myself here. i mean, i know the super bowl is this cultural phenomenon that is almost like a national holiday in its scope, and is maybe something of a diversion from the current economic situation this country is in. however, my current feelings are that the game is just another occasion to inflate already overinflated player egos and the commercials are about trying to get people to spend money they don’t have for things they either can’t afford or are not good for them or the environment. call me antisocial, if you will, but right now, it seems to me to be nothing more than another way in which we continue to fiddle as rome burns.

(just for the record, i am a huge fan of the chiefs and of professional football in general. actually, the steelers are the only other afc team that i really like; i’m more of an nfc type of gal.)