freke freak

oh my lord, one of the men i drool over is coming to kc next month. tim freke will be appearing at unity temple on the plaza november 19th and 20th, doing workshops on ‘lucid living’ and ‘gnostic christianity’, courtesy of the kansas city friends of jung. (and i never knew kc friends of jung existed until now; i’m definitely going to check out this group.) this is nearly as big a deal for me as was attending the integral theory conference back in august! i’m so excited! 🙂

some books i’ve read of his include lucid living: a book you can read in one hour that will turn your world inside out, the gospel of the second coming: the long awaited sequel, the laughing jesus: religious lies and gnostic wisdom, jesus and the lost goddess: the secret teachings of the original christians, and the jesus mysteries: was the “original jesus” a pagan god? the last four were all co-written with peter gandy, and together the two of them are very thorough in exposing the true origins of christianity and how gnosticism was meant to be viewed then and how it is applicable even now. awesome, awesome stuff, in my opinion.


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  1. If you do come to Tim’s talks, look me up. I’m on the board of the KC Friends of Jung and the webmaster for I’ll probably be at the book table selling books with Tim after the lectures.

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