i want a pet gargoyle

i just finished reading a work of fiction, a rare thing for me. i was intrigued by the cover of the gargoyle by andrew davidson: a woman has two tattoos on her back exposed, a pair of angel’s wings taking up the greater part of her back and an intricate celtic cross on her upper back. looking at the reviews on amazon.com, i decided that this was worth taking a chance on and added it to the list of materials currently out on my library card.

some books i can read in a single setting and while i will admit that this wasn’t one of them, i was able to finish it off in two and a half days. that’s at least partially because i had to put it down and let the words digest. the plot is relatively straight forward: a man gets severely burned in a car accident that was his fault, and as he works on healing in order to be released from the hospital so that he can then commit suicide, he meets a 700-year-old woman who knew him in a previous life, which changes everything. (see, relatively straight forward. 🙂 i won’t go into the intricacies of the story line, in case you might want to read it. all i’ll reveal at this point is that on page 172, i put the book down and started crying because of what i read. even my main man, tom robbins, with all his wicked insights and incredible way with words has never had this effect on me. plus, librarians and meister eckhart and dante’s inferno and art and languages and hell, among other topics, are swirled throughout the pages. this is my kind of book. it’s not light reading, but if you are looking for a work of fiction that can be a bit intense at times (especially descriptions of the fire and the ensuing burns that are the foundation of the plot), keep this on your short list.


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