the thrilla in wasilla

yeah, that’s a dumb title, and it may not have anything to do with this particular post, but i like it… 🙂

when it comes to sarah palin, for me the bloom is now officially off the rose. as a good friend of mine says, ‘i no longer want to fuck her.’ (’tis just a figure of speech… 🙂 i still actually like her personality, and her ability to stand up to the ‘good ol’ boys’ network’, and the fact that she is a renaissance woman who can seemingly do it all. however, the fact is that she stands for most of the things i’m against, and is mostly against all the things i support, and where we agree, we agree for different reasons.

working in a library, i’ve heard a number of stories/rumors about her attempts to ban books in the wasilla public library during her stint as mayor. i believe that this article, ‘what’s daddy’s roomate doing in wasilla?’, by former ala president nancy kranich sheds some light on what actually happened. i have defended palin in the past partially because she never actually succeeded in banning books from the library, but this article tells the truth about what really happened, and makes me question what might happen should palin ascend to the presidency via john mccain’s demise. i still like much about palin, but i don’t want her forcing her viewpoints on me or anyone else. if she attempted to fire a librarian because of differing points of view on book censorship, what will she be capable of with the full power of the executive branch behind her?


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