i can see kansas from my house

i don’t know why i chose that particular title, other than i loved tina fey’s sarah palin impersonation from last weekend’s snl season premiere, and it reminds me of my own diplomatic dealings with my neighboring state of kansas. 🙂

uh, anyway, yesterday morning i went to court for the last time regarding the sgc. it’s officially over, at least the legal portion. the case was dropped due to non-service (the fact that they didn’t take the time to serve his pathetic ass). i felt a sense of relief that i don’t have to keep going back to court, taking time out of my work day, and yet, when the clerk told me that the case had been dropped, for a brief moment i felt like bursting into tears. however, the fact is that we haven’t had any contact for weeks. i suspect the security guard in my building told him about the ex parte, which may be one reason why he has kept a low profile. and my psychic told me a few weeks back that he isn’t done with messing with me, that he’s just laying low because he knows he’ll get in trouble if he doesn’t. so, i don’t know what to think. the best case scenario is that we have no contact whatsoever between now and the time of my move. i can hope so. however, oddly i have been having dreams with him running around in them over the last few weeks, including dreams where the two of us are getting along well and having sex. i know this doesn’t mean that we will get along or ever have sex again or even have a civil conversation again, but i do wonder what it does mean. i don’t want to restart anything with him after everything i’ve gone through. however, i do wonder what my dreams are trying to say here. time will tell. i just pray that whatever thoughts i’m having of him are only in my dreams at this point.


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