going to hell in a bucket, regardless…

this is one of the few times over the past couple of years that i’ve wished i had a television. i have no intention of voting for anyone, but still have quite an interest in the political conventions. i know i can watch clips of the different speeches online, but it’s not the same. i want to watch mrs. clinton talk live about john mccain is her friend and colleague, but who will ‘rape your grandmother and sell your first-born son into slavery and put arsenic directly in our drinking water’ if he gets into the white house. of course, such rhetoric will probably also be commonplace next week in st. paul, when we get to hear about obama bringing his muslim family over from kenya to have the run of the newly renamed black house.

okay, so i exaggerate a bit, on both sides. however, honestly, at this point, it seems to me it’s just the two sides trying to convince us that the opposing side is taking america to hell in a handbasket. and, at this point, i believe each side is right. things will keep going the way they are going, no matter who wins the general election this fall. nothing is going to change, and we shouldn’t even be relying on a new person occupying the white house to determine what that change might be, in the first place. without some major shift in consciousness, we are going to hell in a bucket. to paraphrase from a grateful dead song, i hope we’re enjoying the ride while we can.


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