sgc news

actually there is no news to report, and this is just an update saying that. i just returned from the jackson county courthouse and the sgc still has not been served and so i have one last continuance before the case is dropped. i’m debating whether or not to even bother going to the final court date, because i don’t think he will ever be served. sigh. my psychic did tell me the other night that he’s not done with me yet. he’s just biding his time. he knows something is up but is not sure what, so he’s just waiting for another moment to mess with me. so, okay then, fine, i’ll go to the final court date, but this whole thing has been quite draining for me emotionally. if i weren’t moving out of state soon, i’d just go ahead and find another place to live now (actually i would have done so awhile ago), but that’s not a practical option. so here i sit, waiting for this thing to play itself out and maybe really just fade away. yeah, that’d be nice.


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