princess pyrolava revisted

i’ve never had a desire to go to hawaii, except maybe in grade school, when my best friend mickey and i talked about living there when we grew up, and we’d practice the hula in her front yard. however, at some point, i grew up and got over that desire, and when i’d hear about people wanting to go to hawaii, i would always think it just didn’t sound all that appealing… the beach, the sun, the palm trees, the ocean breezes – yuck! ;). but, now, over the past month or so, visiting hawaii seems like something i should do, except i don’t know when and how and why that type of a trip would occur, except that…

it also seems like over the last month i’ve been getting some random (and not-so-random) exposure to books, websites, etc., on dream work and shamanism and mythology and archetypes. and, in a couple of weeks i’m going to cali, partially to see if i want to go to school to study in programs that focus on these types of things, especially shamanism. and, i was talking a couple of weeks ago with a friend of mine who is a reiki master and she suggested that i probably should do that also, considering my fields of interest (i am currently a level one reiki practitioner). and i look at various websites, such as a blog i enjoy a great deal, dating god, where one of her foci in integral shamanics, and i see that roger walsh (author of the world of shamanism: new views of an ancient tradition) is going to be presenting at the itc, and of course i have this interest in the work of joseph campbell and carl jung and daniel pinchbeck and studying my own dreams and experimenting with entheogens

and then today at lunch i started reading urban shaman: a handbook for personal and planetary transformation based on the hawaiian way of the adventure (holding it so the cover couldn’t be seen by my coworkers), and maybe i’m crazy (well, okay, i am crazy) and maybe i’m just looking for coincidences… whatever it is, my desire to go to hawaii just intensified. i feel like i am supposed to go to hawaii, for spiritual reasons, and that all this other stuff showing up in my life now is not just a coincidence. i certainly won’t be able to go until after some sort of decisions are made as far as my relocating to cali, but hey, it’s a lot easier to fly to hawaii from sfo than from mci. just something worth pondering as things continue to fall into place in my life…

(the title of this entry comes from a character i played in a children’s play many, many years ago. i was a hawaiian princess who worshipped the god pele. (i wore an awesome gold lamé outfit, with a ton of flowers on my head.) i *sensed* that a group of tourists were dealing drugs and i spent most of the play appealing to pele to do something about it. yeah, it was an anti-drug play. and after play practice, we’d often go get high. go figure.)


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