my psychic rocks

yes, i have my own psychic. no, i don’t have my own attorney or accountant or masseuse or even my own minister. other than a doctor and a dentist, i have none of the ‘normal’ persons that we westerners think we need to get through life. but, i have my own psychic. and she rocks. (here is a link to her craft website.)

k. has been right pretty much about everything she’s told me regarding my life, including the current relationship mess i find myself in. she told me basically that he and money do not mix well (don’t worry, i have no fear of him ever reading this, as he has minimal familiarity with computers) and while i knew that (or have figured it out along the way), the last couple of days have brought that point home with neon lights. she also warned me not to let his money issues stop me from going to cali to the integral theory conference in august. he is in deep doo-doo financially right now and asked me last night for a large amount of money, to which i said no. he then asked if i could help him when i get paid ‘this week’ (i don’t get paid until next week) and i said no. the thing is, next week i’m planning to purchase my plane ticket for the cali trip. however, because of the physical attraction between us, i’m liable to do stupid things, just ‘cuz. still, basically i see her warning as being right on, because i can see the possibility of it happening. and i have to continue to say no, and furthermore, figure out how the hell to get him out of my life. i mean, i do like hanging out with him behind closed doors, but otherwise, he’s really not all that good for me.

the problem is that we live in the same apartment building. there are things i like about him, but there are enough differences that i know that this is not going any further than it already has, and it’s probably already gone much too far. i don’t have the time, or the money, to find another place to live right now. what needs to happen is that i need to grow a pair of balls (basically what k-r told me today: let my masculine side take charge) and tell him once and for all to leave me alone. and i’ve done that time and time again, but he always comes sniffing around my door shortly afterwards, and the next thing i know…

so anyway, my psychic rocks. she predicted his coming into my life, and all the twists and turns and omissions (on his part) that this relationship entails. the good news is she predicted that this summer i would also meet someone else (a potential love interest) through my educational endeavors, which i believe means this conference, and whatever *might* happen afterwards. and no, this is NOT why i’m going to the conference, but it does seem that the conference is a great place to meet someone who is integrally-minded, who doesn’t look at me like i have three heads when i start talking about aqal, or green vs. teal. the person i’m currently with (who is amber/orange), two days ago we were having a conversation about the existence of hell (we had been watching a documentary about carlton pearson). after repeatedly banging my head against the wall (i don’t believe in a literal hell, or heaven, and he does, because the bible tells him so), i just decided to give up and change the subject. he took that to mean that my argument was weak, but in actuality i gave up because, when it comes to religion, he is still thoroughly entrenched in amber, and it’s not my job to force him to see my point of view. and that’s fine, either/or, black/white thinking may work for him, but it doesn’t work for me.

…blah blah blah, long story short, i’m looking forward to august and everything after (heh heh), because my psychic has yet to be wrong. she rocks. 🙂


2 responses to “my psychic rocks

  1. that pathetic loser fool left a bunch of voice mails on my cell asking me to take out a payday loan for him (which of course he promised to pay back). i would say no to that anyway, but given his financial track record, i would be the pathetic loser fool if i did that.k-r gave me a ritual that is supposed to help clear unwanted things/people from my life. and, i’m trying to access my cold detached place as c suggested. i really want this person out of my life, and moving simply isn’t an option, at least until september at the very earliest.

  2. update: last weekend he spent an awful lot of time at my door telling me what a horrible person i am because i wouldn’t do something to get his car. at one point he actually said that he wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for me, as if i had anything to do with his not paying the tickets in texas that got his license suspended, etc. anyway, i finally wrote a brief note and taped it to his mailbox (since he doesn’t like it when i leave notes on his door) telling him to leave me alone, or the next time it will be first the building manager then the police on his ass telling him to leave me alone. haven’t heard from him since. i don’t think i’ve heard the last of him, but as of now, there has been blessed silence.

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