it was inevitable…

you know, i don’t think rev. jeremiah wright was 100% wrong in many of the inflammatory comments he has said. some of his rhetoric may have been over the top, and designed to get the congregation going, but he also had some salient points that might have just been worded differently. however i do have issues with wright’s national press club appearance and things said during that time period, because it all seemed to be designed to hurt obama and build himself up.

anyway, i guess after last sunday’s appearance by rev. michael pfleger, the attention given the trinity united church of christ in chicago got to be too much for obama and his family and they resigned their membership this past friday. i can’t say that i blame him, because for one, it seemed like anytime anyone within the church made a comment that obama had nothing to do with, it still ended up being linked to him. also, the church itself is getting a lot of negative press attention that it normally wouldn’t get, including the fact that some its shut-ins are being hounded by the press. so he probably did the right thing. still i know it wasn’t a decision he and his wife made lightly, and i wish them the best in locating a new church home (that is more palatable to white people?). (that last little remark was sarcasm, in case you were wondering…)


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