Monthly Archives: September 2007

white flowers rule!

this article reporting an attempted klan rally that happened earlier this year in knoxville, tn makes my day. the antiracist action organization there in knoxville showed up at the rally, and, according to the article ‘handed them their asses by making them appear like the asses they were.’

“White Power!” the Nazi’s [sic] shouted, “White Flour?” the clowns yelled back running in circles throwing flour in the air and raising separate letters which spelt [sic]“White Flour”.

“White Power!” the Nazi’s [sic] angrily shouted once more, “White flowers?” the clowns cheers [sic] and threw white flowers in the air and danced about merrily.

“White Power!” the Nazi’s [sic] tried once again in a doomed and somewhat funny
attempt to clarify their message, “ohhhhhh!” the clowns yelled “Tight Shower!” and held a solar shower in the air and all tried to crowd under to get clean as per the Klan’s directions.

At this point several of the Nazi’s [sic] and Klan members began clutching their hearts as if they were about to have a heart attack. Their beady eyes bulged, and the veins in their tiny narrow foreheads beat in rage. One last time they screamed “White Power!”

The clown women thought they finally understood what the Klan was trying to say [is this sentence really necessary?]. “Ohhhhh…” the women clowns said. “Now we understand…”, “WIFE POWER!” they lifted the letters up in the air, grabbed the nearest male clowns and lifted them in their arms and ran about merrily chanting “WIFE POWER! WIFE POWER! WIFE POWER!”

(btw, although this is a great story, the grammar, punctuation, etc. in this article is horrible. then again, who am i to judge? i only use capitalization on rare occasions.)