i’m cleaning out my email inbox this afternoon and just came across a conversation i had with a friend a couple of weeks ago. i’m very amused by this part of the exchange, so i thought i’d post it here (and i’m fairly sure he’s okay with that):

me: Maybe I’m naïve, but my philosophy on these types of things is simple: it’s not cheating if everybody knows. (and I don’t mean knowing details, just being aware.) and I think that if there is awareness or some sort of sense of permission, that actually cuts down on the likelihood of so-called cheating, because part of the thrill of it is the illicitness. If your partner is okay with it, that takes at least some (certainly not all, though) of the thrill away.

not me: I think you should consult the old testament

me: The old testament is a work of fiction.

not me: there’s still truth in it, like in eccleastics [sic]…there is a time to cross ones legs and a time to spread them


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