the sh*t

i just bought the world cafe playlist handbook, which has some neat ideas for mp3 playlists, such as songs about ‘drugs’ (e.g., ‘white rabbit’ by jefferson airplane or ‘love is the drug’ by roxy music) and ‘beatles covers’ (‘helter skelter’ by u2 or ‘happiness is a warm gun’ by the breeders). it’s all really cool, but my favorite part is at the end. in the fall of 2004, listeners of wxpn in philly sent in lists of their top 10 songs of all time, and as a result, the station compiled a list of the 885 greatest songs of all time. as to be expected, the beatles, the rolling stones, and springsteen dominate, but there are a few surprises (to me, anyway) and some that i think should never have made it (‘superman’s song’ by the crash test dummies at 839? it should have been at least at 800, i think…)

anyway, inspired by this list, i bring you my top ten songs of all time. some have sentimental value, some are revealing about who i think i am, and some just sound damn good to me. here they are:

  1. ‘genius of love’ – tom tom club
  2. ‘faithfully dangerous’ – over the rhine
  3. ‘are you experienced?’ – jimi hendrix
  4. ‘where the streets have no name’ – u2
  5. ’32 flavors’ – alannah davis
  6. ‘true to myself’ – ziggy marley
  7. ‘i radio heaven’ – over the rhine
  8. ‘woman like a man’ – damien rice
  9. ‘love is my religion’ – ziggy marley
  10. ‘me, my yoke, and i’ – damien rice

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