the buzzsaw of lack of choice

this post was originally going to be about the reaction to rudy giuliani’s opposition to the fair tax, and how i hope that he actually does some research on it and changes his stance. despite his assertion that our economy is dependent on our current tax system, that doesn’t change the fact that the current system is woefully unfair to people across the board, from those living below poverty level through billionaires. the fair tax would eliminate all taxes across the board, including social security and the so-called death tax, replacing them with a flat retail sales tax rate across the board. some people who know little about the idea scream about how this would be a regressive tax, affecting most those who can afford it the least, but people below a certain income would be refunded any tax paid on a regular basis, up to a certain portion of their income, so many lower income people would in effect continue to pay no taxes (although they would lose their earned income credits and other subsidies from the government).

anyway, in looking around the web for articles discussing rudy and the fair tax, i kept finding the same article over and over again on different websites:
these five sites are just the tip of the iceberg. the only other sites i found not using the associated press feed were other blogs talking about rudy and/or the fair tax.

the world wide web is supposed to be this vast resource of news and knowledge, yet no one can make the effort to write an original news story that at least caters to a regional point of view? i realize that in the grand scheme, this story was relatively minor, but this is just one more example of how the media is controlled by so few. this is not by far the first example i’ve ever come across as far as news stories being the same on different websites, and i do understand somewhat the purpose of the a.p. but this further illustrates to me the need for the independent and/or alternative press, which gives more in depth and focused looks at what is really going on, instead of using cute phrasing such as ‘giuliani ran into a buzzsaw of opposition…’ such memorable phrasing probably should not be used as the opening sentence in an a.p. story going to hundreds of newspapers across the country. people do jump around and look at different sources on the web (or i do anyway), and it would be nice to have differing news perspectives on the same news stories.


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