true women’s liberation

friday i got the new issue of what is enlightenment? magazine, whose topic this issue is ‘woman: a cultural, philosophical, and spiritual exploration’, and i’ve already read it from cover to cover, literally. there were several quotes that jumped out at me. here are three that i’d like to share:

cynthia bourgeault: The ultimate liberation is to be liberated from the identification of being a woman. My womanhood is not the deepest thing that can be said about me. The deepest thing is that I’m a living trajectory of divine purpose and compassion moving through this time and space dimension in this form, and one of the names that I bear is woman. But it is not the whole of the consciousness. How subtle this thing called “identification” is! When we’re just at that moment of experiencing ourselves as free and connected and spacious consciousness, we immediately dive down the rabbit hole and say, “Oh yes, but I am a woman! Oh yes, but I am an American! Oh yes, but I am a Sufi!” and we start labeling again. This utter fixation upon identifying yourself with something – with anything – actually creates the last barrier to living a life of nondual consciousness. And if you can learn not to do that, if you can learn in your deepest self not to make that motion of grabbing at some form of identity, then the love that runs the stars and the sun will flow through you and create a kind of strength and organic field around you that is a protection and a beauty because it connects with the infinite.

sofia diaz: I am love, I am lovable, I am loved, and I love.

elizabeth lesser: …we have to deal with our aversion to taking full responsibility for our own lives. If we want liberation, we must rewrite the Sleeping Beauty myth. No one is coming and no one else is to blame.


One response to “true women’s liberation

  1. AWESOME quotes! and thanks for sharing 🙂

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