another excuse to drop the f-bomb

i love the word ‘fuck’, and all that it stands for, although admittedly my favorite word of the seven words you can’t say is ‘motherfucker’. i love the way it just rolls off the tongue, and the way it is spoken by samuel l. jackson is an artform unto itself.

but, i’m digressing here. as most of you know, recently a new york court of appeals ruled that the fleeting use of profanity is not a punishable offense by the fcc. fuckin’-a! this is one minor victory in getting the government out of our lives in some small measure, and putting the responsibility back on parents as far as controlling what their children are exposed to, either through technologies such as the v-chip or through the old-fashioned discipline of just allowing them to watch tv at certain times.

check out this article from on a very brief history of the word fuck, and for a more in depth expose on the true meaning of fucking, read ‘the -fword’ by jesse shiedlower.


One response to “another excuse to drop the f-bomb

  1. woo – FUCKIN – hoo!

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