an exercise in feeling sorry for one’s self

at the moment, i just feel like i’m at life’s mercy. life is doing whatever the hell it wants with me today, and i don’t like it. we have a couple of major changes coming down the pike at work, one of my best friends is probably moving away, a relationship that i thought had some promise is showing some wear and tear at the seams, and, to top it off, somewhere along the course of the day i lost an earring. oh, and i got a notice from my landlord wanting to know where june’s rent is at; well, i don’t know but i do know that i put it in the dropbox on june 2. all these things will work out the way they are supposed to, i know they will, but i am feeling like no one has my back right now, and that i, in fact, don’t even have my own back. i have no parents, no significant other to cry to, and my friends and my sister, while they love me, they have their own problems. normally i’m not like this, i can usually take things as they come, but this is getting to me at this moment. i really feel like life is just having its way with me. for a couple of days i’ve been feeling something like i know i want something, but i don’t know what it is. today, although i still may not know what it is that i want, i know that this isn’t it.

i know that i am the only person responsible for my happiness, but right now, i could use a little help.


One response to “an exercise in feeling sorry for one’s self

  1. acan hugs be sent via comments on a friend’s blog? let’s try…

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