a helpful link for christians

y’all probably think i’m on some sort of anti-religion kick lately, but this is not the case at all. i still very much believe in god (or, as one friend put it, ‘i experience god’), but think that organized religion is the least effective way for me to live that belief.

having just written that, check out this site, the post-rapture post: the postal service of the saved. for those few of you that will be caught up in the rapture at christ’s return, you can arrange to send notes and cards to your loved ones who are left behind, reminding them that even after the rapture they will still be able to accept jesus as their personal lord and savior. unfortunately they will have to go through the tribulation, but hey, that’s what they get for procrastinating and/or living in denial all those years… okay, i have been in this place mentally; i believed in the doctrine of the rapture for many years, and this belief is a paradoxically a source of much anxiety and much false hope for millions of fundamentalist christians like it was for me. but, having ‘seen the light’, so to speak, this site is funnier than hell (pun intended).

while there, don’t forget to check out their ‘god hates faqs’ page.


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