excerpt from upcoming wilber book

here is ken wilber’s latest installment from his forthcoming nonfiction novel trilogy, ‘the many faces of terrorism’. it begins a couple of years after where ‘boomeritis’ leaves off, with the same characters and the same locale of cambridge, massachusetts. i am truly ambivalent about ‘boomeritis’, and from the excerpts i’ve read, i suspect my feelings toward this trilogy will be similar. on the one hand, i am quite interested in a picture of what integral politics in action would be like. and, i am fascinated and scared by what little i know about this novel, because there are oh-so-many ways in which the scenarios presented could actually come to pass, which would not be a good thing for humanity.

my dislike has to do with the minor plot lines and the shallow characterizations of the main characters. maybe this is supposed to be some sort of foil for the intensity and complexity of integral subject matter. there were way too many references to pop and alternative culture for my taste, which seemed to be wilber’s way of saying: ‘look how cool i am; i know what a rave is.’ i realize that in some ways these writings are actually his way of making fun of postmodernism (or the green meme). and maybe this is supposed to be an entertaining way to introduce integral theory to someone. i will even admit that reading ‘boomeritis’ is how the ideals behind integral finally seemed to cement into my consciousness what i had previously read in ‘a brief history of everything’. still, there was something about the style, all the mentions of drug usage and sexual innuendo, that seemed to rub me the wrong way.

nevertheless, i will be one of the first people to purchase copies of the trilogy when it is finally released, and will probably read through all three straight through. i love reading about integral theory, especially politics and spirituality, and ways to bring integral thinking to fruition in the ‘real world’. (interesting phrase: real world, huh?) as i learned to do with ‘boomeritis’, i can just skim over the superficial stuff.


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