new gore book upcoming

you know, i like al gore. i actually have a great deal of respect for him and his fight against global warming and this excerpt from his upcoming book makes me respect him even more. hell, i’d even think about voting for him if he ran, just because of this excerpt. what he says here is right on. but, if he wins, or obama, or guiliani, or fred thompson, or whoever, it would just be more of the same (the only person i’d be truly concerned about winning would be hillary), so i’m not going to vote for him. i’ve decided that i’m probably never voting again, at least for national or maybe even statewide offices. instead i’ll vote only for local issues where my vote can actually make a difference as to whether something gets done or not. in the past, i’ve tended to vote for the libertarian candidate, whoever that might be, and while i don’t consider it wasting a vote, i have finally awakened to the fact that it really doesn’t make a difference; no one notices and we continue on in our downward spiral.

um, anyway, this post is getting way off target here. i just wanted to bring a little attention to gore’s upcoming book, the assault on reason.


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