my pancakes bring all the boys to the yard

i just finished a teleseminar with ken wilber and bill harris of holosync. for some reason i thought it would be interactive (as if i’d actually say anything), and the topic was on integral life practice, which i am already somewhat familiar with, and i’ve already spent the $200 plus for the kit. so, there was a part of me that was a bit disappointed, but it was still kinda cool hearing wilber actually speak live of things i’ve only read and watched dvds and listened to audios about. (no, there’s no sarcasm here…) it was cool, and i didn’t really learn anything i didn’t already know, but i found it interesting that there was a focus on the shadow module of the ilp starter kit. if you have noticed my entries of the last several days, i definitely have some shadow issues that need to be addressed, and maybe tonight, if nothing else, was a gentle reminder to make sure i look into those issues.

(speaking of shadow issues, this post’s title is in reference to a dream i had last weekend. ask cathy about it sometime; i’m not talking.)


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