mmm… lots of good vibes in the air, lots of stuff to think about, lots to accomplish this week and this month and this year.

cathy and i just finished seeing the wonderful little man (he’s kinda short) damien rice perform at the quirkily beautiful uptown theatre in midtown kc. it was a yummy show, ‘specially since i got to hear my theme song ‘woman like a man’ and the dark, brooding, sexy song, ‘me, my yoke, and i’. after the show, we discovered this wonderfully eclectic cafe literally around the corner from where i live. too bad i’m planning to move to another neighborhood in the next few weeks.

earlier today i broke down and watched borat on dvd. i had sworn that i would never watch something that looked on the surface to be so inanely stupid, and i’m not sure what possessed me to actually borrow the movie from the library, but i’m glad i did. i was laughing hysterically within the first five minutes, and by the end had decided that it was brilliant in the way it showcased us americans as we really are when we think no one’s gonna see us. i especially want to note the portrayal of the pentecostal church; it really hit home because that was not dissimilar to the church environment i was a part of for a number of years. i found it disturbing and revealing that although borat was passed out in front of the doors of this church, no one seemed to stop to see why we he was there on the ground or to ask if he needed help. the members of the church just stepped over him on their way in to supposedly serve god. it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

in the upcoming week i have a lot to do. i’ve given myself the goal of having a place to move by friday, may 18. my top two choices are the cold storage lofts in the river market area and the library lofts right across the street from where i work. hopefully i can have the paperwork, etc. done on wherever i end up, so i can focus on packing, change of address crap, etc., in addition to everything else going on. i have a paper due on gnosticism and paganism on may 29, supposed to go to a play with amy one of these fridays, have a couple of cooking demonstrations somewhere in here… and all this shit will get done, but what i am most focused on in the next few days is the opportunity i have this coming thursday. i get to take part in a live teleseminar with ken wilber. i am so very excited, because he is the closest thing i have to a guru/spiritual adviser/whatever you want to call it. knowing myself, i probably won’t have much to say; i will just listen, but i want to have a question or two prepared, just in case i grow some balls over the next few days. open to any suggestions…

also, over the weekend i’ve been thinking about my hair. i saw a picture of someone i admire who used to have long dreadlocks and who recently cut them all off so that she is now practically bald. when i saw this, i knew that this was also something i would do. so, i have no plans in the near future to cut my hair off, but feel like by the end of 2008 or so, it’s all coming off and i’m going to start over (or not). thinking about it, a lot of my ego is currently tied up in my hair. it’s at the point where i think i’m nothing without it (or i think i’m something because of it). there are other positive qualities about myself that i think might be forced to come to the forefront if i am not using my hair as a crutch. so i guess this portion of this post is serving notice to my ego that some things are gonna change in the coming months…


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