is obama integral?

(for those of you wondering, here is what ‘integral’ means…)

i just read this book review at for the audacity of hope by barack obama. the author of the review proposes that obama may very well be the first truly integral candidate for the u.s. presidency, ever. (the only other example of integral leadership in the world is said to be that of british prime minister tony blair, according to ken wilber in his online article, ‘the war in iraq.’) the jury is still out, as far as i’m concerned, but i like to pretend that i have an open mind, so i think i will actually read obama’s book for myself, and see what i think about that. if he is truly capable of embracing multiple perspectives (not just that of the liberal wing of the democratic party), he might be seriously worth looking at as a candidate to support.


One response to “is obama integral?

  1. Hi Gail – I wonder if you ever came to a conclusion? I’ve been following Barack and Integral for years now … and I’m convinced he IS operating at a Teal or higher altitude. His embrace of all Americans (actually – a larger world-centric message), his appeal to our sense of inspiration, creativity & Eros, his ability to speak to different audiences with skilful means without undermining the integrity of his position and his own internal, transparent struggles that he has illuminated for us all point to a the next US President, the Kosmos willing, with an integral perspective. My two cents.- Skip

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