it’s official

i am officially sick of this whole don imus thing. i suppose it is good that it is starting a dialogue about what’s appropriate to say and what’s not. at the same time, i can’t help but believe that this has actually set race relations back a few steps, and not because of what imus said. i am sorry that the girls he was referring to were affected so badly, but in my opinion, this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. however, the thing that scares me most is that now that imus is officially unemployed, jackson and sharpton have said that this is just the beginning. what do they mean by that? i agree that something needs to be done in the music industry as far as the music performed mostly by black men that continues to denigrate black women (in an industry run by white men where most of the music is actually purchased by young white males), but at the same time this could put limits on artistic expression. and then there’s the whole matter of why it’s okay for a black person to say ‘nigger’ but not a white person? (in my opinion, it’s not okay for anyone.) still, i wonder if this now means that jackson and sharpton, who i guess consider themselves the arbiters of what can and can’t be said by whom (their own personal misstatements notwithstanding), intend to look at the source of the problem in black culture and by proxy the music industry, or if they intend to harrass those who continue to say what’s on their minds (right or wrong) without worry of being politically correct, such as rush limbaugh or michael savage. (man, that last sentence was a long one…)

i’m sick of it, and i’m scared that this latest incident of celebrity stupidity is going to be something more serious that it needs to be, that it’s going to lead down a slippery slope of speech monitored by the government and the unofficial thought-police, and will continue to make us distrustful of people of other races. i think imus and his ‘nappy-headed ho’ comment triggered in a new era of political correctness that is about to get ridiculous, which is a hell of a lot of mileage out of a sorry and deplorable joke.


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