i promise, this is my last blog on the subject (unless something else comes up)

goodness, this column by kansas city star sports columnist jason whitlock says it all as to my feelings about this whole imus debacle. he hits the nail right on the motherflippin’ head.

over the last couple of days this whole imus thing has been on my mind, moreso than any recent news story (yes, even the whole anna nicole soap opera). the things that bother me about it include: why is it still in the news? why the hell are sponsors pulling their ads? why are these women, and black folks in general, taking this relatively unknown shock jock’s words so seriously? it’s not like this is the first off-color thing he’s ever said. this is how he and msnbc make their money. and to me, this whole racism accusation is disingenuous on the part of the media and everyone protesting: no one is mentioning that as a part of the conversation he was actually complementary of the tennessee basketball team, which is also primarily black. he was comparing the two teams and basically saying that the rutgers team had, for all intents and purposes, ugly women on it. it was still a horrible and mean way to say that, and ugly that he was even making the comparison, but it was still a joke in his eyes. this is simply a bad choice of words on his part that this time got noticed. again, please read the above link to whitlock’s column on who the real enemy is here…

another thing bugging me about all this is how we, as a society, are so immersed in what should be a trivial, unfortuante incident. our society is slowly but surely disintegrating before our eyes and we don’t notice because we are too busy protesting this bad joke, or watching american idol, or planning our next shopping trip. to me, this imus episode is symptomatic of everything currently wrong with america: media issues, race issues, meaningless trivia, our sports obsession, sexual immorality, religion (involvements by the revs. sharpton and jackson), you name it, this one’s got it. and maybe that’s why this story isn’t going away, either till imus succumbs and resigns his position, or till the next person says the next stupid thing.

update: msnbc is a pussy network (except they give pussies a bad name). it’d be different if they fired imus immediately after the remarks were made, but they are only doing this so far away from the incident because of pressure from various groups who literally only see things in black and white.


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