in support of nappy-headed hos everywhere

okay, i have to link to dave’s blog entry responding to my entry below. i can’t believe he did it (the title). too bad he didn’t bet me money; he would have won a few cents.

i do have to agree with his observation of the rutgers’ team response. they said that imus’ comments ‘stole their joy’, and dave is right in saying that if it got stolen, it’s because they let him steal it. yes, imus’ words were ugly and uncalled for. however, these women, with all of their accomplishments, should be secure in the knowledge that they are not those things. these are highly intelligent women who have great things ahead of them in life. it speaks volumes for their character and abilities in that they were playing for the national championship of women’s collegiate basketball. i really hope they are not going to let some stringy-haired cracker making a stupid off-the-cuff remark bring them down. (the ‘stringy-haired cracker’ part is a joke, okay?)


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