weekend update

it has been a weekend of finishing up and mellowing out. i mean, it is 2:45 on sunday afternoon and i’m still in pjs. this is great.

yesterday i went to see the dead sea scrolls at union station here in kc. several of the fragments and other artifacts from the ancient city of qumran are on display here through may 13. this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to view some of judaism and christianity’s oldest existing artifacts, especially since kc is one of only three places in the entire country that will hosting the exhibit (the other two are in seattle and in the carolinas). i enjoyed it thorougly, except for the fact at the beginning we were herded through like cattle (well, this *is* cowtown) and then there was the woman i wanted to slap. she kept complaining about the lights being kept down so low. perhaps someone should have explained to her that when you have ancient documents and artifacts on display, they might be damaged by light. and then there was the gift shop… did you know you can buy shotglasses that say ‘dead sea scrolls’ on them? i was picturing jesus in the shop, going to town with his whip, driving the money changers out… anyway, thank you to the israel antiquities authority for sharing this gift with us here in the midwest.

the other exciting thing for me this weekend was receiving the latest issue of what is enlightenment? magazine in the mail. this issue’s topic is ‘searching for utopia’, which has been humanity’s ongoing quest since its beginnings, although at the moment i think our focus is more on just staying alive. still, there are great articles about ongoing utopian communities all over, and another conversation between ken wilber and andrew cohen, this time continuing to diss the mean green meme while discussing the self-realized authentic self and its place in the evolution of consciousness. and, a very cool article on zaadz. all in all, great reading.

this is not my ideal way to spend a weekend, but it’s still been very nice indeed. a nice reprieve after my horrible week at work.


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