‘…and i feel fine’

i was getting ready to sign off for the night, but before going, i just have to link to kate’s post over at ‘dating god’ about the end of life as we know it. you know we can’t really go on forever driving our big suv’s and watching our satellite television on the big screen in the mcmansion without paying the piper as our beloved pets die all around us from eating store-bought pet food. what makes us think we’re not next? i don’t think the e.coli spinach scare was just an isolated thing. there is so much that goes on around us that we just continue to be oblivious to, as long as it doesn’t affect our ability to watch american idol. (i mean, *your* ability to watch american idol because i sure ain’t watching that crap.)

so, as the little-darkworker-in-training that i am, reading her post has reminded me and helped to make me more committed to the idea that i have more important things to worry about than ‘should i order this sweater from j.jill?’ (yes. gotta have nice clothes to wear during the apocalypse.)


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