zaadz qar: what would you do if you had $10 million in the bank?

if i had $10 million in the bank, it wouldn’t be in the bank for very long, that’s for certain. i’ve always said that if i won the lottery (of course i’ll never win because i don’t play), the first thing i would do is have the public library in my hometown of sedalia, mo completely renovated. this library is where i grew up and first began to dream of worlds outside my own, and although i don’t have much to do with sedalia anymore, this would be one way i could give back and say thanks for helping make me what i am today (for better or for worse). (sadly, i am looking for something to link to regarding the library and i can’t even find anything.) there has also been a project going on for many years there to restore the black (before desegregation there in the 1970s) elementary and high school, to make it into a community center/museum, and i would donate a significant amount of money towards that.

otherwise, i would make sure that my nieces and nephew all had their college educations completely paid for. i’d also work full-time on my doctorate in the bay area, build myself a small off-the-grid cottage somewhere near some water, and once i was sure my basic needs were met, i’d find ways to give the money away, whether to individuals in immediate need or charities i support, or politicians i support, just wherever i felt led to give. oh, and i’d make sure i had a few hundred thousand saved/invested, just in case of emergency. 🙂

this post is my response to zaadz’s daily questions and reflections for march 29, 2007.


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