zaadz qar: what book are you reading right now?

this is also posted over at zaadz as a response to the daily ‘questions and reflections’. i probably won’t do this every day, but will try to respond somewhat regularly. yesterday’s question was: what book are you reading right now?

right now i’m alternating between a beginner’s guide to reality: exploring our everday adventures in wonderland by jim baggott and nature, man, and woman by alan watts. lately i’ve had a really strong pull towards paying attention to how i interact with the world and trying to feel like an integral part of the world as opposed to feeling like i’ve been plopped down in the middle of it. these and other books i plan to read in the near future, along with my meditation practice, are helping me to discern what’s real and what’s now as opposed to what’s illusory, and to live my life accordingly.


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