an oldie but goodie

the following is from a post i did about a year ago at another blog i’ve just let shrivel up and die. i’m reposting it here because of the ‘fuck censorship’ post i did earlier today. it was titled ‘fucking for dummies’, a little diatribe on misusage of the f-word. a year later, i’m realizing that maybe i should take my own advice. 🙂

fucking for dummies

I have a friend who has read my blog and made the comment that I am ‘brave’ because I used the ‘f word’ in a public forum where it could be read by anyone. I’ve thought a lot about his comment (incidentally he made several other comments about my blogging that were quite complementary) and realized that I disagreed with him (on this one comment only). Saying the word ‘fuck’, or many of its variations, in public is no sign of
bravery; indeed the brave thing is to be able to converse with another person without using it. In my travels throughout a typical day, whether it’s on the city bus, in the grocery store, being around loved ones, or complete strangers, it’s a rare occasion where I can go without hearing the words fuck, fucked, fucking, motherfucker, or a poor excuse for an euphemism, such as freakin’, flippin’, frickin’ (these usually uttered by an adolescent whose parent is somewhere nearby). Thankfully I’m in a workplace where some sort of professionalism prevails, but otherwise I feel like my poor little virgin ears (sarcasm) are assailed most places I go.

Trust me, I’m not a prude and I can throw about the f-word with the best of them. In a heated moment (and define heated however you wish), I can and will introduce the word into a given situation as warranted. A good percentage of the music I listen to and the fiction I read (and the nonfiction for that matter) has a noticeable presence of the word. I truly believe there is a time and place for everything, and that includes profanity. It seems to me that a definite downside about excessive use of this word is that it loses meaning when heard and used all the time. I know people who literally will use the word ‘fucking’ at least one time per sentence. (I’ve heard sentences like, ‘I fuckin’ hope it don’t fuckin’ rain again to-fuckin’-day.) So how is one to know if you are truly upset about something or need to make a significant point if you are constantly
fucking up your sentences with this word?

Also, excessive use of the word shows me that you really don’t have anything worthwhile to say, so you’re just filling up spaces between your meaningless words. Instead you are making yourself look low-class and just plain trashy, with a minimal education and vocabulary, even if you have an advanced degree.

I do understand the need and place for the word; all I ask is that people only say it when they really mean it. And if you take issue with anything that’s been said on this topic, please, go fuck yourself. (Just kidding…)

On a related note, I have another friend who is currently living in Ireland. She recently told me of a milder version of the word fuck, ‘feck’, that people use in pretty much the same way as fuck, except the meaning is not so intense. So I’ve been amusing myself and others (getting on other’s nerves is probably more like it) by using it in conversation on occasion.


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