damnit, i’ve been tagged

my lovely friend cathy has tagged me, so i am being forced to do this shit. here is how this tag game works: i am to post 12 random facts about myself, 11 which are true and 1 which isn’t. you get to guess which one isn’t. also, since you are reading this, you have been tagged. so there.

1. i have never smelled skunk, even when everyone around me is passing out because of the smell.

2. i’ve seen u2 in concert from the front row.

3. i have had physical contact with phil mckeon (from the 70s tv show ‘alice’).

4. my books are arranged in dewey decimal order.

5. i was once (mistakenly, mind you) arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

6. i saw the movie ‘white nights‘ seven times in a two-week period when it was released back in 1985.

7. i have never seen a movie in which either sylvester stallone or arnold schwarzenegger play a role. and i never will.

8. i lived for a brief time in a christian hippie commune.

9. i have read the bible cover to cover at least 10 times.

10. i was at woodstock 99 when people started burning shit up.

11. i interviewed abc correspondent sam donaldson for my college newspaper.

12. i used to work as a bouncer in a gay bar.


6 responses to “damnit, i’ve been tagged

  1. ah, numero uno is false. am i right?? (cathy)

  2. um, i’m afraid not. and it’s not that i don’t try to smell it when other people comment on it; i inhale deeply and yet i get nothing. some people say patchouli smells something like skunk, maybe that’s one reason why i can’t smell it, because i’m used to the smell of patchouli.

    try again, sweetie…

  3. 10 or 11?

  4. dear anonymous, whoever you may be,

    i won a trip to woodstock 99 from a columbia mo radio station. it was during the red hot chili peppers performance that people started making bonfires and jumping through the fires and when they started tearing down what structures remained standing to feed those fires, i knew something bad was about to happen. we decided at that point to leave the premises.

    as for 11, back in 1984 i was editor of my community college’s student newspaper and ronald reagan came to my humble little hamlet. when the president comes to town, of course he brings a huge press contingent along, and that included abc’s sam donaldson. the press was using our college space as a base to work from, so of course we wanted a story in our paper because this was a *big deal*. after going through a security check, i walked around to see what i could find out and ran into all these people i’d only seen on tv newscasts. mr. donaldson actually spoke with me for about five minutes, which at the time i thought was very cool. however i’m sure he wouldn’t remember me today even under hypnosis.

  5. okay, now you must tell me the truth….which cumber?

  6. you give up so easily… while i’ve made several attempts (i usually get hung up in the minor prophets), i’ve only actually read through the entire bible in order a couple of times.

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