the secret is out

i never have been a big fan of oprah’s and i never could figure out why. yes, i know she’s done some wonderful things for her viewers and for disadvantaged people all over the world, but it always felt a bit smarmy to me. she has a good heart, but at the same time it’s like ‘look at me, i can afford to do all this stuff for less fortunate people like you.’ in the past, with one recent exception, i have refused to read her book club selections, just because the titles were handpicked by the big o herself.

and now there’s this big deal about the secret by rhonda byrne, which oprah has wholeheartedly endorsed. i am a huge believer in creative visualization and affirmations. however, the ideas in this book are an embarrassment to the idea behind creative visualization, making it seem like just one more new age fad. anyway, today i saw this blog posting at the integral options cafe blog, which expresses better than i can my feelings on the subject.


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