come up with a new comeback line, bill

as i do many evenings, at the moment i have bill o’reilly’s factor show streaming in on my computer. sometimes i agree with him, sometimes i don’t, but right now i am infuriated with him. this evening he had on an ironworker as a guest who actually worked on the world trade center buildings way back when, and they were discussing 9/11 conspiracy theories. bill’s characterization of these conspiracy theorists, which is the same characterization he has toward anyone who doesn’t agree with him, is that anyone who doesn’t believe 9/11 happened as per the official story hates america. what an easy, arrogant copout.

i love america, but hate what is happening to it. i am scared of what is happening to it, culturally, socially, environmentally, politically, and in just about every other way. and, i’m going to go out on a limb here and offer up that i believe that there really is an imperialist conspiracy that goes beyond anything that idiot bush or even the smart one cheney could dream up. i believe that a big part of this conspiracy is the ultimate formation of a
north american union similar to the european union. bush, cheney, and whoever the next presidents will be, they are all just puppets (that bush is a puppet should be obvious), and 9/11 was a part of the plan. and even if 9/11 was not orchestrated by our government (which i don’t believe for a minute), the fallout from it is still being used to advance its agenda. anyway, the fact that i am not going to just sit idly by and listen to and believe the officially government story does not mean in any way that i hate america. i am quite blessed to live in what is, for all its faults, the greatest country (for the time being) in the world. however, i fear it is quickly losing that status and there’s nothing i or you can do about it, other than to have our say, like i’m doing right now.

it should be quite obvious to anyone who watched the ongoing news coverage of september 11 that there were things going on that contradicted what would later become the official story. i remember hearing people on the scene describing mini-explosions going on all around right before the buildings collapsed. and no one has ever figured out why building 7 collapsed in the same fashion as buildings 1 and 2 when 7 wasn’t even hit. these two examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inconsistencies in the official story. so please, if you haven’t already drank the kool-aid the government media complex is passing around, look at the website for the internet movie “loose change”, and go from there:


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