to be free, black, and 21 (give or take a couple of decades)

oh my goodness, i wish i had written this essay by wilton d. alston on black libertarianism. he makes perfect sense, especially when talking down faux remedies such as affirmative action, and his views on anarcho-capitalism, an idea with which i wholeheartedly agree. should libertarians actually ever get power on a federal, or even at a state level, eventually the party would just be ‘another vehicle of state power,’ according to alston. libertarianism as a way of thinking, not as a political party, is the way to go for blacks, he says. i think it’s the way to go for everyone, no matter their race, which, if allowed to blossom, would ideally truly minimalize the need for the state outside of protection and infrastructure needs. at this point, that idea is nothing but a fantasy on my part, i realize. however, it’s an idea to work toward. anyway, an excellent essay…


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