obama v. hillary, round two: it’s a drawl

i can’t vote for someone who tells people what they think the people want to hear. it bothers me even more if they change their normal delivery to how they think the people want to hear it. this time, both hillary and obama lose, because of their faux southern accents. at least i think that is a southern accent hillary’s attempting, i’m not sure, but that’s what they are calling it on the news. it sounds like what it is: an outsider attempting to speak a different language, trying to kiss ass. and she looks so pleased with herself in the video, like she thinks she fits right in. in reality, the way she is pandering to the congregation in this video is disgusting, and sadly, they seem to be eating it up.

interestingly, she had the presence of mind to bring her husband (the first black president) along on this trip. after all, it is only because of him that she has gotten herself into the position to be a serious presidential contender (and not because of the gains from the civil rights movement as she claims in her speech).

as for obama, i guess he left articulate at the door when giving his selma speech. actually i shouldn’t say that, as i do like that the comparisons he makes of his ancestry with that of his audience, in order to establish a bond. however, it’s the ‘southern black preacher man’ accent he’s trying to use that bothers me. i know he’s trying to be ‘black enough’ (via channeling malcolm x), but why can’t he just be himself and let that speak for itself?


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