they’re baaack…

sigh. everyone knows i hate mice. and i think i have a mouse living under my refrigerator again. i am freaked out again. i am going to take my friend shani’s advice that she first gave me last fall once again, and hopefully it will work again.

i want to believe that rodents are a part of god’s grand design, and serve some sort of purpose. however, their purpose has nothing whatsoever to do with my life and i want them gone somewhere else. i guess i’ve been slacking or complacent or my mind has been on other things, which is why i seem to have one here in my home as a very temporary visitor.

here is a copy-and-paste of the advice she gave:

God made mice because they clean up what others consider to be waste. They are scavengers. Roaches too (those are the creatures I can’t tolerate).

Not to scare you, but the mice might get used to your light being on too, and it won’t keep them out forever. When we lived in Michigan, the house next to us vacated and HUNDREDS of mice swarmed out looking for a new home. Unfortunately, we spent the rest of our year there with many uninvited furry friends. At first I used humane traps to catch them and drive them out to the country to release them, but I was taking 8-10 mice out to the country EVERY DAY. Yikes! How many mice could have been in that house next door?!

I thought they were so cute! They were these adorble little field mice with big round ears.

Anyway, my suggestion to you – this is how I keep ants out of my house – is to focus or meditate on the mice and tell them mentally and verbally that this is your home and although you don’t desire to harm them, that if they continue to come into your home you will have to kill them. Let them know it is a health and safety matter for you. Tell them you recognize their divinity and as such, ask them not to put you in this situation of having to kill God’s creatures.

Something like that. Make it personal to you, and try to do it with love.

I know this sounds completely lame, but I swear to you that it has worked for me in keeping the ants out – and even getting ants that were already in the house to leave. I set a time limit – like, if you are not gone by morning, I will be forced to take action for the health and safety of my family. Please leave. I don’t wish to harm you. Then I send them mental images of their leaving peacefully and mental images of what I will have to do if they don’t. I do it with love and make sure they know the regret I would feel at having to extinguish them. I started this last spring, after a couple of really bad seasons of ant infestation. I’ve had NO ants this year, except when I just came home from 5 days in Denver, some ants came in in my absence, but they have since gone. I guess they thought since I was gone they could come back! 😉

(thank you shani!)


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