hair today, gone tomorrow

yesterday a young man walking past me came back to tell me that i had beautiful hair and that it smelled good. that really kinda sucks, because after i run out of the product giving it this smell, that’s it.

recently i placed an order with naani’s naturals, an online store that specializes in afrocentric hair care products. i am actually quite pleased with the products that i did receive, and under normal circumstances, i would be a repeat customer for the long haul. however, whatever good i get from their products is canceled out by their apparent ignorance of how to deal with customer complaints. i did not receive two of the items that i ordered and actually received an item that i did not order. after an initial contact letting them know of the problem, a few days passed with no word and so i contacted them again. i got a barely apologetic email, requesting that i let them know what i did and did not receive, which i did. i have yet to hear from them again, even after several emails requesting information about my order status. at this point, i have reported them to the jacksonville, florida better business bureau. i don’t imagine anything will come of it, though. a refund would be nice, but i’m not holding my breath.

my problem with all of this (other than my order being screwed up) is that naani’s naturals is an embarrassment to black owned businesses, as well as online businesses. i would think the owners of this store would realize they have a higher standard to live up to and would act accordingly. ignoring your customers numerous requests to have their order made right is not even in the ballpark of that standard.

i really wish the owners of naani’s naturals no harm; in fact i wish them well. however, in order to do well, they need to put their customer first, and not hide when there is a problem. if they can’t see that as a top priority, why are they even in business? it really is too bad, because while i may not have been their most prolific customer ever, as i said before, i would have been a regular customer. but, i’ve had dreadlocks for more than seven years, using other products, and my hair has done just fine up until now. this is not gonna cause my hair to fall out. i just wish things would have worked out with us.


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