my name is gail and i’m a 9/11 conspiracy theorist

yes, i am one of those lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists who believes that the u.s government not only knew about in advance, but was actively involved in what happened on 9/11. there is an excellent article in the march/april issue of tikkun magazine by author david ray griffin, who has written several books on what he thinks happened that day (and what brought us to it), including the 9/11 commission report: omissions and distortions and the new pearl harbor: disturbing questions about the bush administration and 9/11. this article is really just a summation of the major points as to why he believes 9/11 couldn’t have happened in the way presented by the government and mainstream press. if you’re already a believer, this article is just preaching to the choir. if you’re not, just read this with an open mind to the possibility that there might be at least some truth to what ray is saying. or you can go back to your regularly scheduled life and continue to pretend that all is well as long as you can go to your job (that you hate) every day, go on vacation once a year, and the mall is open. and remember that all the little hidden cameras there in the mall and at all the intersections on the way to the mall are to protect you from terrorists.


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