obama v. hillary: round one to obama

so much for the dems playing nice with each other. as you probably know, this past week there was something of a blow up between senators hillary clinton and barack obama regarding comments made by hollywood mogul david geffen. instead of denying the validity of geffen’s comments (which we know of course would have been just one more lie), hillary attacked obama for his association with geffen. even though i’m not an obama supporter (see this and this), i love the immediacy and bluntness of his response: ‘it’s not clear to me why i’d be apologizing for someone else’s remark.’

i think hillary believed she’d have a clear path to the democratic nomination and this man almost literally out of nowhere is putting at least a few bumps in her road. good for him.


tomorrow night nobel peace prize nominee al gore is up for an oscar for his documentary on climate change, ‘an inconvenient truth’. all the buzz is that his film will win and i hope it does. there is a huge ongoing debate as to whether global warming is caused by humans or just a part of a bigger weather cycle. at this point, i don’t think it matters what the cause is, it is happening, and no matter what you may think about the former vice-president, he deserves some acknowledgement for bringing the issue to mainstream america’s attention. now, instead of mocking him and debating the merits of what he is saying vs. his personal practices, we (individually and as a society) need to begin seriously addressing the issues he presents in his film and book of the same name.

please check out the website for his film via this link: http://www.climatecrisis.net/.


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