more political correctness run amok

i’m somewhat curious as to why the fact that the shooter in the salt lake city shooting rampage is a muslim has not been mentioned at all by the mainstream media. i also wonder about the incident involving the cabbie in nashville. if it had been a white christian male trying to run down a couple of muslims or gays, the driver most certainly would have been charged with a hate crime. (incidentally, i am against the hate crime designation because in my mind, any crime involving inflicting pain or death on another person already has hate as a motive.) he already has serious charges placed against him, but why isn’t he being treated like any other non-muslim person would be treated under similar circumstances?

these are both the latest examples of how sadly politcally correct our nation has become. why can’t we call something what it is? if we truly believe that all men (and women) are created equal regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, then why can’t the facts be reported as they are without being scared of offending some group of people? i can’t even pretend to begin to know the answer to this. part of me thinks that it is we’re afraid there will be rioting and looting in our streets if the ‘minor’ fact that the perpetrators in these crimes were muslim gets out. one person in any ethnic group is not representative of the entire group (something i’m always having to deal with), and i would like to think that most muslims in this country and around the world realize that these people’s actions are not indicative of the whole group.

however, the mainstream media are smarter than we are, silly me, i keep forgetting that. they know what is best for us to know and not to know. forgive me for questioning their motives and their wisdom…


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