what would happen if you yelled ‘cunt’ in a crowded theater?

i first saw ‘the vagina monologues’ four years ago in columbia when dawn wells of ‘gilligan’s island’ fame performed several of the skits. talk about disconcerting: watching mary ann fake an orgasm on stage including shout outs to gilligan, well that is behavior one would expect from that huzzy ginger. really, it was a wonderful performance, and ultimately was one of many significant stops on my path to becoming more accepting and loving toward my body. last night was another step on that path, as i had the pleasure of seeing another performance of that groundbreaking play on the campus of umkc. as i remember from my first time, it was still totally funny, poignant, arousing, disturbing, real. as i watched the performers, i kept thinking of people in my life who need to see this, either because they would totally get it or they need to be connected to ‘that area down there’.

unfortunately, i think the vast majority of women are disconnected from what’s between their legs. i mean, most of us can’t even say the word ‘vagina’ without snickering or being offended. earlier this month in florida (thank god it wasn’t missouri), a woman found a marquee advertising ‘the vagina monologues’ offensive, and it had to be changed to ‘the hoohah monologues’. the word ‘vagina’ is a medical term, people, for a legitimate body part. other than encountering a woman who hadn’t made the effort to keep herself clean, i don’t see how anyone could find this word or body part offensive. however, when serious newcasters in talking about the downfall of britney can’t even say the word when talking about her underwearless escapades, i’m not surprised. i actually heard a newscaster use the new word du jour (new to me anyway) ‘hoohah’ when discussing the story. in many ways, this society is totally fucked up when it comes to anything sexual. i have a friend who is in her late 30s, who has never even kissed another person, and she gets all bent out of shape when pretty much anything remotely sexual is mentioned. another example, not long ago i overheard a couple of people making fun of a book title for a cookbook, the voluptuous vegan. one of the people involved said it was a ‘gross’ title and that she would be afraid to even open the book. i happen to own that book and it’s nothing more than a wonderful collection of rich vegan recipes. so apparently she’s afraid to try out something that might actually be good for her…

let’s grow up, people. i mean, it’s okay for us to watch shoot-’em-up, blow-’em-up movies with our kids in tow, but a nipple pops out inadvertently during a half-time show, and it’s the end of western civilization? we certainly can’t have people seeing something that just about every single person on the planet has two of (although no one has yet figured out why men have nipples). i’m still learning to be more open and less dsimissive of my sexuality (without hitting people over the head with it), and i would hope that more of us, male and female (and transgendered), would learn to do so as well. sex is as much a part of who we are as our hair color or our personality. i would even argue that it is our personality.

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